Joint-Stock Company "Diesel Systems Plant" is equipped with machine park, industrial equipment and stands and is manufacturing wide assortment of high-quality spare parts and the equipment for a lot of marine diesel engines. Today the plant is producing more than three hundred items and is constantly working to enlarge the nomenclature, and also we accept orders for development of new samples of spare parts for import and domestic marine diesel engines.
      Joint-Stock Company "Diesel Systems Plant" is the specialized enterprise focused on manufacture and deliveries of diesel spare parts, and also repair, restoration and service of units and agregate of diesel engines.
     The enterprise is located practically in the center of Saint Petersburg the place of concentration of leading scientific and industrial organizations in the field of power, shipbuilding, transport and technology that promotes wide development of cooperation between industrial and scientific organizations.
        In Saint Petersburg there are the largest sea ports, railways, automobile lines and airlines that create optimum conditions at dialogue with the customer and provide an opportunity to ship the production in any region of Russia and abroad in maximum deadlines.
      Possessing the modern equipment, the original documentation and technologies, constantly raising a degree of quality of production, Joint-Stock Company "Diesel Systems Plant" is one of leaders in Russia in manufacturing and delivery of spare parts for diesel engines.

LTd "Diesel Systems Plant" 2002-2008(C)197541, Россия, Санкт-Петербург, Красногвардейский пер., 21. Phone: +7 (812) 452 14 51, 452 14 59, 492 57 59