Manufacture of spare parts and adjustments for repair and service fo diesel engines of families CHN40/46, DR 30/50, DPRN23/2Х30, CHN15/18, CHN18/22, CHN21/21, NVD-48A, NVD48A-2U, NVD-36, NVD26/20, Skoda-160, Skoda-275 ...
Manufacture of details and units under documents or samples of the customer.
Repair and restoration of the worn out and failed details and units of engines.
Check and adjustment of the fuel equipment and other systems of engines.
Delivery of spare parts from warehouses in the Western Europe and Russia to any point of the world.
Repair of diesel engines.
      Our floor spaces are more than 5000 square meters where are placed more than 300 units of equipment, including, except for universal machine tools, machine tools with Numerical program management, the processing centers, all necessary industrial, repair and measuring equipment, and also the specialized test stands.
      Our personal is the highly skilled experts with wide experience of work on similar manufactures.
      We have good business relations with the various specialized enterprises and the organizations, in the all-Russian scale, which allows to make our manufacture more flexible and operative, that finally creates for the customer optimum conditions.
      Our manufacturing is certificated by the Russian Sea Register and the Russian River Register. The enterprise has the license of Gosatomnadzor of Russia. The personnel have the admission to manufacture the details and units for atomic engineering.
      Now the nomenclature of production outlet is more than 300 names and continues to extend dynamically.
      The number of made units and details includes inlet and exhaust valves, con rod bolts and starting valves, protect and indicators cranes, drives of valves and fuel pumps, atomizers, sprays, plunger pairs, the wide nomenclature of pipelines (a supply of tap of the fuel, a cooling liquid and others), various linings, adaptations for repair and service and many other things.
      The plant makes the double fuel pipelines corresponding to requirements of rules SOLAS-78 for the following types of diesel engines: DR 30/50; NVD; "MAN"; "NOHAB POLAR"; "B&W"; "MAK".
      Most of all we are engaged to manufacture the details and units under the documentation or samples of the customer.
      The highly skilled personnel of the enterprise constantly masters new types of products of the fuel equipment, restores fulfilled the resource plunger pairs, valves, valves armature of hydrodrives of the most various marks and systems.

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